Dr. George Safonov
The Photon-Nonphoton Universe

Dr. George Safonov
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The Photon-Nonphoton Universe Concept


From various studies dating back to the late nineteen-forties, ideas emerged that suggested a particularly simple model of the universe. The model is infinite in both its extent and age. Hence it predicts that, as we become able to see farther, we will continue to find galaxies in the same stages of development as those thus far observed. An infinitely large and old universe, of course, avoids the need for an “inflationary” epoch and also the potentially reoccurring problems regarding conflicting estimates of the age of a “big bang” universe and the various objects therein. On the largest cosmological scale, the model envisions a uniform distribution of the various entities making up the universe exist at all times. On lesser scales, patches of the modeled universe may experience “mini-big-bang” events that yield the observed mix of the low-mass nuclei as these hot spots cool toward the nominal 2.73 Kelvin level of the observed microwave background photons.

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