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The Photon-Nonphoton Universe

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The Photon-Nonphoton Universe Concept

Particle Fusion and Fission

Because of certain limited similarities of a particle's energy and momentum properties with those of electromagnetic fields, we will refer to one of a particle's two formalism vectors as its “electric” vector and to the other as its “magnetic” vector. Underlying the construction of the photon-nonphoton universe model is a postulate that governs allowed particle fusion and fission events as such would be viewed in a “preferred” inertial frame. An observer in the preferred frame would see isotropically-moving microwave background photons with a 2.73 Kelvin Planckian spectrum. As viewed in the preferred frame, the fusion of two particles may occur if their electric vectors be additive and their magnetic vectors be additive to form a composite particle with formalism vectors equal to those obtained by such vector addition. And, the converse fission process is also in accord with the cited fusion-fission postulate.

In other than the preferred frame, the above postulated “law” for fusion and fission is expressible in terms of the observable velocity of such a frame relative to the preferred frame. However, the preferred frame offers the simplest examination of the fusion-fission processes. For this reason, the following discusses such events as they would be observed in the preferred frame.

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