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The Photon-Nonphoton Universe

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The Photon-Nonphoton Universe Concept

The Multiplicity of Nonphoton Roles

The ethereal nonphotons appear capable of playing multiple roles in an infinitely large and old universe. As previously noted, they give the microwave background photons “something to be in equilibrium with”. Also, they act to maintain the photon-like constituents of electrons and nucleons in dynamic equilibrium as they move inside thin annular regions. And, they collide elastically with these photonic constituents of weighable bodies to explain the Newtonian gravity acting between such bodies. Their high “dark energy” density serves to fuel “mini-big-bangs” and is also in accord with the high values required by the vacuum of quantum theory.

At least three other roles need to be added to this list. One is their ability to mimic the existence of a gravitating “dark matter”. The second is their ability to mimic—under certain conditions—the existence of a repulsive gravitational force between systems made up of photonic constituents. The third is their capability to be transmuted into high-energy photon beams, a feature that offers a candidate explanation of “gamma burst” observations.

Thus far, we have been able to bring into coarse focus some of our universe model's features by noting the multiple roles nonphotons might play in explaining old and new observations. Future studies will attempt to sharpen the focus while exploring other candidate roles of nonphotons.

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